Is There Anything Better?

…than coming home to dinner (mostly) finished??

Last week I bought a picnic cut pork shoulder and rubbed it down with Emeril’s Essence (I hate to be a walking advertisement, but I love this one and all of the ingredients are recognizable) and threw it in the crock pot.   I just got a new crock pot after the last one died on me and we upgraded a little – to a larger one.  This meant that I was able to get a piece of meat in there with the bone in! This imparted more flavor and being from North Carolina, we love pulled pork regardless, but this was awesome.  Unfortunately, after 8 hours at low, this huge piece of meat needed more time.  I was able to pull off some parts of pork to eat for dinner, but threw the lid on for another 10 hours.  The next morning, it was perfect.  I served it with a slaw vinaigrette (no recipe, just cabbage, shredded carrots, fresh ginger, EVOO and white vinegar) and it lasted a few days.

I followed it up this past weekend by making pork broth.  I froze some of it but I am going to use the rest in which to cook some kale.

Happy Tuesday!



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