Candy Mania

Are you tired of Candy yet?  I said I was finished after the over indulgences of Christmas.  Then Valentine’s Day comes along with all of the sweet trappings and I had no problem making candy and cheesecake my dinner last night.  We all have our struggles.

I was inspired by Oh She Glows’ preparation of these semi-healthy Dark Chocolate Cherry Walnut Truffles.  They looked like something I could whip up quickly and Sparky loves dried cherries.  I was also drawn to this recipe because it included unsweetened coconut. I know I am a bit slow on the draw on this but we all have to start somewhere.  The coconut was not overpowering, despite the inclusion of coconut creme.  I did not include the agave nectar because I found that the mixture was already very sticky.  I also used much more than a half a cup of coconut flakes for the truffle rolling.  If you like the combination of cherry and chocolate, you will probably really enjoy these treats!  You can make them to celebrate President’s Day, since that holiday begs for a sweet.  Lincoln would have wanted it this way.


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