Ragin’ Cajun Étouffée

This post is a bit belated since by now you have given up something for Lent (for me: Facebook) and are probably avoiding delights like butter. I made this last weekend to go with the King Cake.  Ironically, we never actually ate the Étouffée, followed by dessert of the King Cake to have the “actual” creole experience, but we had no problem polishing it off.  Also, I had planned to serve it with grits but my carb-avoiding husband kept ignoring my offers to make said grits, so I just served it with wilted spinach.

(Picture courtesy of the Saveur website)

I found this recipe as I was pursuing King Cake recipes: it was linked below the King Cake and since I had never made Étouffée, I figured now was as good a time as any.  Thanks, Saveur, for another great recipe: Chicken and Andouille Étouffée.  We gobbled this down so quickly that I didn’t get a picture and the directions were spot on.  It was full of flavor and could even be made on a weeknight, if you are feeling like putting in some effort.


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