Oui, oui, oui

Ok, I promise I don’t just sit around eating rich desserts and meals.  However, I did go a little crazy after getting off the Paleo diet.  Plus, it seems like every time I turned around, someone was blogging about Croque Monsieur.  So I had to do it.

(worst pic ever)

I used Ina Garten’s recipe but instead of the recommended white bread with cut off crusts, I used a whole wheat baguette from a local bakery.  I like crunchy crusts so this worked for me.  Also, instead of the gruyere, I used Cougar Gold cheese.  This cheese makes everything special, unfortunately, it comes in a 30 ounce tin, so once you open it, you have a lot of cheese in your fridge.  No matter.

This is a delicious “elevated” grilled cheese.  We couldn’t eat it fast enough (which may have had something to do with the Crossfit work out that we had just completed).  If you are looking for a fancy grilled cheese, do this.


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