Airplane Eats

I have been flying a lot lately.  I flew to go to a baby show and then I had spring break.  Although both flights were relatively short, as you know, the whole process takes forever and I always bring snacks.  I usually bring more than I need but I would hate to get stuck without any food options!  Plus, flying upsets my stomach a little so if I under eat, it is really bad news and if I overeat or eat something my body is not used to, that is also bad news!

I love Larabars*.  My favorite is Cashew Cookie.  This time I brought a new type of Larabar: Lara Uber in Apple Cobbler.  I did not love it. It was good but  little too salty and too sweet at the same time.  Odd.  Oh well, it wasn’t that bad and I was able to choke it down.  haha.  I also brought a piece of grilled chicken and cut up apples.  I nibbled on the apples on the airplane and ended up eating the chicken after I landed.  Next time I will try to bring some nuts in lieu of the Lara bar.  Safe travels!!

*Larabar does not know who I am, nor did they provide me with any compensation or free treats.  I spent my own money and these are my own opinions.


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