Bailey’s Brownies and Baking Fails

I had to make brownies for a birthday, but not being one to leave well enough alone and just make the regular, scrumptious brownies, I had to go looking for trouble.  In the form of Bailey’s.  See, we have a bottle of Baileys, I bet it has been with me for at least 5 years.  No one drinks it.  No one in this house cares about that stupid Bailey’s.  But when I made those awesome cookies last week, I thought, maybe we like it now.

So, I went on the hunt for a good brownie recipe to use some more Bailey’s.  I should have known.  I know when a brownie recipe is good or not.  it usually involves unsweetened chocolate and butter.  Not as much does it use cocoa powder or sweetened chocolate.  When sweetened chocolate is used in conjunction with granulated sugar, in my experience, the result is too sweet.  Well, I forged ahead.  The brownies were ok.  Of course we are eating them.  We like to eat.  We wanted something sweet. We ate them before I even had a chance to take a picture! I then thought the addition of coffee ice cream (in this case, coffee frozen yogurt) would improve them by cutting the sweetness of the brownie.  Then it would be like an irish coffee in dessert form (ok, never mind the whole requirement of irish whiskey).  It was weird.

So, just sit this one out.  I never said I was perfect and that everything that comes out of my kitchen is perfect.  This is one of those times.  It wasn’t a fail because it worked properly, we just didn’t love the taste.  I am here to make these mistakes for you!  If you ever want me to try a recipe or critique it, send it my way.  I would love to have the challenge.

Tomorrow, I will return with majorly awesome food.  Can’t wait!


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