Chile Cheddar Cornbread to Eat NOW!

Buttermilk.  You are so awesome.  Will you be my valentine?  (A little late, I know). Buttermilk is increasingly that secret ingredient in baked goods that makes it just a little more fabulous.  I don’t know the science but I know there is more acid in buttermilk than other liquids and it reacts really well with cocoa.  But this doesn’t have cocoa.  Anyway. Because buttermilk only seems to be sold in quarts, I am always left with a whole bunch with not a clue what to do with the rest.  So I have been on the hunt for a chance to use the rest before it went bad.  I was on Spring Break last week and when I returned, I was inspired by all the good southern food that I had, so I wanted a southern meal.  Plus, I wanted to put some meat in the crockpot.  Eat, live, run hooked me up for the meat so I stuck with her for the cornbread.  No Pictures, my computer ate them.  ugh.

So, while those recipes are coming later this week, you can listen to me rave about this cornbread.  moist.  (sorry Tracy Shutterbean, I know you hate this word). flavorful, thanks to the chiles and cheese.  NOT long-lasting.  Because it is in my belly.  Is this a paleo-approved breakfast?  I don’t think so.  But it got me through my WOD yesterday and today.  Works for me.  I have had a lot of cornbread but this is the best.  The only other one that I will make again is the pumpkin cornbread (for, ya know, fall, when all the food bloggers can’t stop buying cans of pumpkin). Who cares about fall right now?  it is spring and it is time.  Make. This. Cornbread.


Happy Tuesday, ya’ll.


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