Not My Momma’s BBQ Chicken

Oh, the list.  You know.  That one.  The one in the sky, where you put all the things you want to do some day like decorating ideas, recipes to make, crafts, and fashion wants.  I guess you could call that pinterest!  Anyway, I am more old fashioned and I still go back to the imaginary list of recipes in my mind.  This has been there for a long time.

Something about Jenna’s voice at Eat, Live, Run makes me feel like we could be good friends.  Her southern roots and food that her Momma makes is not so much like my Momma’s cooking but the love that comes through in her blog for her Momma does remind me of my love for my Momma (and her cooking!).  After spending time with my Momma, when I came home, I wanted something comforting and tasty, yet I didn’t want to sacrifice a ton of the time left in my spring break.  I turned to the crock pot and Jenna’s great recipe for BBQ chicken.

The only change I made was that I used a mix of white and dark meat and I doubled the recipe.  It was awesome and this is going into the rotation.  The sauce is sweet and tangy with a hint of spice!  I served it with Matt and Ted Lee’s Hot Slaw a la Greyhound Grill and it was a great match.  Add that cornbread and you have yourself a meal!

I apologize for all my picture fails this week.  I couldn’t pin down this food fast enough to snap a pic.  Amateur food blogger fail.  I’ll try again next week!


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