Restaurant Review: The Spotted Pig, NYC

I’m back with another restaurant review.  The Spotted Pig has been on our “to try” list for  some time, but every time we go there, the wait is over 2 hours.  This time, the wait was 1.5 hours, but it was not too late to wait and the weather in NYC was amazing, so we did some strolling around while we waited and they called us when a table was ready.

The ambiance was warm and friendly, but really loud.  Thankfully, the tables were small enough so that we were sitting close to each other and could hear the conversation.  I had read that the Chicken Liver Toast was a good start so we sampled that first.  I am all about trying new things and the taste was good but I was kind of glad the restaurant was dark so I couldn’t actually see the chicken livers.  Anyway, the taste was strong and sweet and a nice dish.

Next, we had the Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort & Shoestrings.  It was huge and very satisfying.  I am increasingly thinking that a quality cheese can really enhance a burger.  Of course, there is no hiding a poor quality meat or bread but the cheese can take good to great.  We also split the Seared Mackerel with Sweet Potatoes & Pancetta.  This was a smaller dish but the addition of horseradish to the sweet potatoes took them over the top.  Now, Sparky is obsessed with adding a bit of horseradish to his sweet potatoes at home.  Great trick!  The mackerel was cooked nicely, not dry and the lightness of the fish was a great counterpoint to the burger.

For sides, we also ordered the Kale & Bacon and Beets & Greens.  Both were decent.  The kale was a bit too salty for my liking but the beets had a great sweetness.  They really are my favorite vegetable.

Unusual for us, nothing really popped out on the menu for desserts.  The server spoke highly of all of them and I am sure the Ginger Cake is a winner but we were too full.  Speaking of servers, she seemed busy and harried, but was helpful in guiding us through the menu and made great suggestions.  Overall, I would recommend this restaurant to others but probably not go back, just because there are many other great options in NYC for the same price and because it is such a hassle to go since they don’t take reservations.


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