Joy the Baker Book Signing!

I think I have made no secret about how awesome Joy the Baker is.  Her writing voice is fun, silly, kind and generous and that truly translates to her podcast and I was able to confirm, in person!  Her book, Joy the Baker Cookbook: 100 Simple and Comforting Recipes, arrived in my home just before the signing and I was pretty impressed.  I haven’t been buying so many cook books as of late, since the internet is such a great resource, but I can tell there are some “must-makes.”  She takes the traditional and adds a special twist that makes it modern but still accessible.  You can count on seeing some of here treats here soon, especially the Toasted Coconut Dutch Baby with Banana and Pineapple!

The book signing was at the Brooklyn Kitchen  and it was really chaotic.  We had signed up in advance on the Brooklyn Kitchen’s website so we were allowed entry to their teaching space, where there were tons of special baked treats from NYC bakery, Ovenly, as well as Brooklyn Beer!  Joy spoke for a few minutes and answered a few questions from the crowd and then started signing.  The problem was there was no actual line.  It was just a huge crowd moving into a bottleneck and it was worse than Lincoln Tunnel traffic because everyone was fake polite (because it would not honor Joy’s personality to have a NYC brawl over a line), so it took 3 hours for me to get through the fake line.  Luckily, I was surrounded by lovely women and we chatted about cooking, party planning and Draw Something.

As with many situations where you meet someone famous, it goes by way too fast and I could not think of something awesome to say but it was really special to meet her.  She is really as kind and lovely in person.  I wish Joy all the best, I am sure it is a strange thing to have so many fans behind the internet, but she is a special person who definitely deserves her successes.


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