Happy Birthday! Cake and Love!

Sparky’s birthday was this past weekend.  We had an awesome time.  We did a scavenger hunt with Watson Adventures, which was great (we even won!).  We celebrated last weekend at home with Bo Ssam Pork (recipe to come) and this wonderful cake.

Ok, the cake.  I had attempted this Blackberry Jam Cake with Caramel Icing years ago, but it was a failure.  I came across it again as I was brainstorming for Sparky’s birthday.  He loves blackberries but they aren’t yet in season, so I thought this was perfect – the flavor of blackberries will come through with the jam.  Ultimately, I won’t make this cake again.  It had good flavor and the cake part was good, but it wasn’t my favorite, so my opinion is move on.

However, the icing was a borderline disaster.  When the Gourmet book tells you that you have to work quickly because the icing sets fast, that is no joke.  It crusted over in about 30 seconds within attempting to ice the cake.  I ended up making a batch of cream cheese icing to finish the sides and do the writing.  Also, the icing is too sweet, which is saying something for me.  If I did make the cake again, I would ice it with just cream cheese icing.


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