Mad Men Premiere Retro Viewing Party

Are you as into Mad Men as we are?  We are total nerds about that show.  We had some friends over and ate “retro” food and watched the premier of Mad Men.  We dressed in pearls and put our hair up.  We drank martini’s and put out old pictures of old family to keep in the theme.  We played a Spotify Mad Men play list and then of course, watched the show!  It was super fun.  We sort of want to do it every week!  I’ll post a picture when I get it from my friend.

The menu was:
Joy the Baker’s Cheese Straws
Devilled Eggs
Trader Joe’s Spinach and Kale Greek Yogurt Dip
The Pioneer Woman’s Pot Roast
Fine Cooking’s Potatoes Au Gratin
Green Beans Almondine
Green Jell-o with Mandarin Oranges
Devils Food Cupcakes

All of the food was great, weirdly, I think the jell-o really hit the spot after all that rich food.  I don’t make potatoes au gratin very much, but I think if you are going to go for it, heavy whipping cream is the best liquid for it!  Also, pot roast isn’t really my jam but this was tender and so easy to do.  The cheese straws were a last minute add and I didn’t use the shallots but no one complains about puff pastry and parmesan cheese!

Do you ever do theme parties?   I think I prefer them to regular parties!


2 thoughts on “Mad Men Premiere Retro Viewing Party

  1. I love your theme party idea! My buddy Caroline comes over every Sunday and we watch it together while drinking red wine and dreaming about vintage clothing. It’s divine! I’l have to do it up big one of these weeks…


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