Restaurant Review: Toby’s Estate, Brooklyn, NY

I guess this isn’t accurate to call Toby’s Estate a restaurant, but a coffee shop.  Anyway, I had wanted to visit Toby’s for some time.  After the Joy the Baker book signing, I was in desperate need of some rest time, so we decided to jaunt off to this spot.  The weather was chilly and damp so when we came upon the unnamed store, we were ready for the indoors.  The space is beautiful.  I was only taking pictures on my iPhone but the entire store-front is glass, allowing tons of natural light.  Even on a cloudy day, this definitely added to the atmosphere.

Toby’s definitely takes care in brewing their coffee.  They use Chemex Brewers for their drip coffee, which really allows the flavor of the coffee to come through (therefore, if you use an inferior product, that will show through too).  They also roast their beans on site.  You can read more about their story on their website.

This was probably the best cappuccino I have ever had.  Toby’s is clean and airy with plenty of seating.  They take care in their coffee, from a social responsibility standpoint, which translates to a special cup of coffee.  We will definitely return.


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