NYC Restaurant Review: Levain Bakery

Do you like cookies?  It’s no secret that we do.  It has become a bit of a tradition on birthdays to completely ruin our appetites with a special sweet treat.  This was no exception.  We went to Levain Bakery on the Upper West Side to experience cookie paradise for ourselves.

As we arrive on the scene, there is a small swarm of people surrounding the entrance of the bakery.  Upon further inspection, there are two camps of people.  People in line to get their cookie and people eating their cookie.  These cookies are so good that people can’t wait to get into them.  There is nowhere to sit, but it doesn’t matter because that primal urge of ME WANT COOKIE NOW takes over.  Man, I was excited.  We get in the line, which is moving fairly quickly.  Excitement builds as we finally get to enter the bakery.  Wafts of buttery, chocolatey, vanillay heaven crosses our senses.  We get to watch them put the baseball sized dough balls on the cookie sheets and excitement looms.    We order, pay our $4 per cookie, which is deposited into an unsuspecting white paper bag.

The original plan was to get a cup of coffee and sit down and eat our cookies.  However, like the other people, as we are walking to the coffee shop, we pause to take a taste.  First up, the Chocolate Chip Walnut cookie.  The edges of the cookie are just cooked, so they have a tiny bit of bite to them but soon you get to the gooey, melty bulk of the cookie.  Then, we ate the Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookie.  Similar texture with deep dark chocolate flavor.  Like shoes, I couldn’t pick a favorite.  Both cookies were so special.  They were long gone before we crossed 77th Street.  Happy Birthday, Sparky.  Levain may soon become a birthday tradition.  Although, I won’t be waiting a year.


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