NYC Restaurant Review: Tipsy Parson

From this blog, it probably appears that Sparky’s birthday has lasted a lifetime.  The fact is, we love a reason to do special things.  On his actual birthday, we had the pleasure of going to the Tipsy Parson.

I was tipped off to this spot when I saw a gorgeous photo of their frozen mint julep on Garden & Gun.  I had been dithering over the restaurant choice but this sealed the deal.  A day after I made the reservation, Frank Bruni (former NY Times Food Critic) tweeted that he had an excellent experience there.  Oh, Tipsy Parson, how I was ready for you.

It did not disappoint.  I got the infamous frozen mint julep, which is actually a Berry Bramble Frozen somethingorother (forgot the name, probably due to the strength of spirits in it).  Sparky had the Tipsy Palmer, made with sweet tea bourbon.  Mine was so strong, yet delicious.  I wasn’t able to finish it but enjoyed it nonetheless.  Next, we had the Fried Pickles and the Baked Crab Cake.  I forgot that “southern” crab cakes can be a lot of breading but these were more like Maryland style crab cakes, with a ton of crab.  The Old Bay Aoli had a great kick and the chow chow was sweet and tart.  The Fried Pickles were breaded in a cornmeal breading and the ranch was spot on with tang and coolness.

For our meals, I had the Shrimp and Grits and Sparky had the Veal Breast Roulade.  This is where the review falls apart, not because the food declined, but because my appetite quickly took a nose dive, probably due to the Great Levain Cookie Experience.  Anyway, Sparky had no trouble putting his food down the hatch and mine was great that night, and even better the following morning for breakfast!

Go here.  It is a gem.  No pretense, just adorable, lovely food and service.


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