I’m back! …and Roasted Strawberry Cake for your weekend!

I missed you guys!  Seriously, I did.  I really missed the act of writing about what we have been stuffing our faces with.  Don’t worry, I have pictures and I plan to update ya’ll with that.  Summer really is the best and I finally feel like I am in a good routine with my new job and basic life skills.  haha!

This cake came together one evening when I came home and realized we had all (most) of the ingredients.  The cake was dense and not too sweet on its own, but with the sweet, juicy, roasted strawberries, the dish comes together quite nicely.  It’s not a party cake.  This is a eat over your stove in your robe cake.  No food lasts too long here but this probably was the appetizer for a few meals that Sparky and I had.  This is also the first time I did the whole strawberries and balsamic thing. I know it is pretty much old news but I just never did it.  Usually strawberries don’t last long enough with us to do anything but eat them!

Go to Joy the Baker for the Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk Cake recipe.  It won’t disappoint!  It could be great as a Father’s Day accompaniment!

Have an amazing weekend, tootsies!


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