Summer Bucket List

In my opinion, it’s not too late to join the Joy the Baker Podcast Summer Bucket List because summer starts on 6/21.  Ok so now that that is out of the way…dumdumdadum….

Summer Bucket List 2012!

  • shop at the Farmer’s market twice a month
  • go to Crossfit 3 times per week
  • make grapefruit curd sandwich cookies
  • make a Paleo ice cream, a sorbet and a fruit ice cream
  • eat lunch at City Bakery
  • make this cake for my birthday: Seven Sins Chocolate Cake
  • make 2 new recipes per week and blog them!
  • get my nails painted a not pink/red color….eek I’m nervous about this one!!

Phew, I’m tired just reading it!  I can’t wait to update you on my adventures.   I will say that I went to Crossfit 3 times this week and my hip flexors are out of control sore.  Like woah.  Time to eat some dark chocolate and rest up for the farmer’s market tomorrow morning!!




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