Summer Bucket List Update

So I wanted to update you on my Summer Bucket List.

My summer bucket list was not a complete success.  However, I tried and somethings weren’t meant to be, some were awesome!!  Here’s the rundown:

Shop at the Farmer’s market twice a month.

I blew this one out of the water.  We joined a CSA!  We love it!!  Click here for more on our CSA experience!

Go to Crossfit 3 times per week.

I failed.  For a month I did really well with it and I felt awesome.  I am a little sick right now but I am really looking forward to getting back at it.  This is a Fall bucket list for sure

Make grapefruit curd sandwich cookies.

I didn’t do this.  I lost interest.  Grapefruit is a winter fruit and perhaps this will make a come back for the winter.  We shall see.

Make a Paleo ice cream, a sorbet and a fruit ice cream.

I made a Paleo peach ice cream.  The ingredients were peaches and a little agave, pureed in the food processor and then “churned” in the ice cream maker.  I wasn’t pumped about it.  Maybe the peaches weren’t as ripe as they should have been but I thought it would have been sweeter.  Also, it had an icey texture that wasn’t awesome.  So was it a sorbet, per se?  No.  Don’t worry.  More ice-cream in the future.

I also made Chocolate Coconut Ice-cream several times.  Family favorite.  Do it.  Use a quality cocoa, please.

Eat lunch at City Bakery.

Done and done.  We ate here several times.  I was first turned onto it when I went on a Cupcake Crawl with my Sorority Alumnae group.  Even though it was entitled a “Cupcake Crawl,” we went to bakeries that specialize in many different baked goods.  It was super fun and City Bakery was one of our stops.  Sparky and I have eaten here several times since and it is in the rotation.  The pretzel croissants are amazing, if you are ever in town, I highly recommend a stop!

Make this cake for my birthday: Seven Sins Chocolate Cake.

Bam.  Done.  Delish.

Make 2 new recipes per week and blog them.

Maybe this was an unrealistic goal.  Who knows.  This summer was crazy.  I had a long commute and I just didn’t cook a lot of new recipes.  We would find something we liked and made  it a few times.  You can see some of the new recipes we tried here and here.  Still cooking.  Don’t worry, my dears.

 Get my nails painted a not pink/red color.

This is probably on the fall list.  So.  I am a nail biter.  I will quit and come back to it.  Late in the summer I totally lost it and bit all my nails off.  So, I did paint my toenails a green Elphaba from Wicked style.  It was kind of fun but jarring to me.  Maybe a graphite color for fall?  I’m currently in the growing out stage for my fingernails so I’m trying my best.

This is a long post, if you’re still with me, congrats.  Or maybe you are watching the Kardashians.  Can’t say I blame you.  Fall bucket list to come this week!!


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