Fall Bucket List

Oh fall.  Corduroys, cardigans, football, pumpkins and apples.  It seems like everyone is so eager to get into it.  I’m not.  I’m a summer person.  Always have been.  Always will be.  But, living in the northeast has made me appreciate the fall.  In the south, fall sort of passes us by with a quick indian summer melding into a drizzly winter.  I mean, I have worn flop flops at thanksgiving in NC!  Fall is a distinct season up here, which is different and wonderful experience.  Today has a nip in the air, I am wearing a scarf and a light jacket, so we might be there.

Let’s get into it.  Fall bucket list:

  • tailgate and attend a college football game
  • go apple picking
  • paint nails a trendy color*
  • go to Cross Fit 3 times per week*
  • make a pie, not just for thanksgiving (maybe a test run)
  • get a peplum top
  • cook many things with autumnal squash

*yup, trying this one again

Here’s to ringing in fall 2012.  Are you doing anything special for the fall season?


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