September Martha Stewart Cupcake Challenge

You may notice (or not) that I failed to post the August Cupcake.  (If you are new to this project, you can see previous cupcakes here, here, here, here, here, here and here.)  That’s because it was lackluster.  Over half way through the year, I think Martha slacked.  Or the poor sap responsible for August through December has terrible taste in recipes.  I made the August cupake and it wasn’t worth presenting to you.  This one wasn’t either but I doctored it to make it better.  So my new strategy is to go with my gut and if I don’t like her recipe, I’m not making it and I will use her recipe as inspiration for a better cake.  Because we all know that life is too short to eat lackluster cake.

Per my Sprinkle Bakes experience, I decided the felon’s suggestion for using marshmallow fluff was to be ignored.  Cook’s perorgative.  I made a pastry cream instead and I found it to be delightful.  Also, Martha wanted us to dig out the interior of the cake with a paring knife which seemed like too much work, so I just stuck the icing tip in the top or the cupcake and filled it with the cream without digging any holes in the cakes.   The hole in the top of the cake was covered by a lovely dark chocolate ganache so no one was the wiser.  I used the Martha cake recipe but I highly recommend the devil’s food cake recipe (here) instead.  I used Bake at 350’s recipe for the ganache and decorators icing.  I used Baker’s Royale’s recipe for the pastry cream.

I had the most fun playing with the writing on the cupcake.  The evidence has been eaten, but I put many names on the cakes so I could practice my loved one’s names.  I like how the white icing looks against the dark chocolate ganache.  This is something to be explored.  Of course I was out of decorator bags so I may have had better luck had I been using a metal tip.

Do you avoid piping on cake like I do?


2 thoughts on “September Martha Stewart Cupcake Challenge

  1. Oh my! – They look like those little cupcakes we used to buy 3 to a package for little kids. Bad enough to be banned from snack time eventually (and of course they were probably filled with corn syrup, trans fats, blah blah) but every kid I knew loved them….

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