Speculoos Cookies

You may be aware of the Speculoos trend.  Or as it is called here, Biscoff.  Or the offshooting trend, Cookie Butter at Trader Joe’s.  As huge fans of Speculoos when we were first turned on to the spread by the Wafel & Dinges waffle truck, I was on a hunt to make the cookies (that are ground into a spread) from scratch.  I also saw a blog post about making s’mores using them instead of graham crackers, which seemed fun.

Dorie Greenspan seemed like the most reputable source.  I learned that these are traditional Belgian Christmas cookies.  They certainly smell like Christmas and Thanksgiving, what with the cloves, ginger and cinnamon.  Of course, the first time I made them, I didn’t read the directions very well (too much text crammed together is my excuse), so I didn’t see that you are supposed to roll them out between parchment immediately after making the dough.  Then you are supposed to refrigerate it for 3 hours.  Then you are to cut out the shapes and bake them.  So I refrigerated balls of dough for 3 hours and tried to do the cut outs but they were waaaaayy too soft.  At that point, Sparky was a little disappointed there would be no cookies that evening.  Also, I really wanted to eat them so I rolled them out and stuck them in the freezer for 30 minutes and cut a few out.  It was still quite soft but I baked 1/4 of the batch.

The result was a lovely, thin, chewy cookie with a ton of flavor. I know it would be a waste, but it would be so nice crushed into a pie crust.  Also, quite lovely with the afternoon coffee.  Or stress eaten while your unranked NC State football team beats (not for much longer) ranked 3rd Florida State.  #Wolfpacknation baby.  Or you could wait so long to post this blogpost that your beloved WOLFPACK is struggling to make it to a bowl game.  College football.  It’s an early killer.  #cardiacpack



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