Thanksgiving: Sides But Not An Aside

So yesterday, we talked about the turkey.  However, I am in the minority in caring the most about the turkey. Most people care the most about the sides!!  I have tried a lot of different sides.  I am including some sides that I think would work really well on Thanksgiving but I haven’t done on the day.  It’s good to consider the fact that the oven will be tied up with Mr. Turkey.  Mark Bittman has a fantastic list of items that can be made ahead of time.  I plan to try the delicata squash with apples and bacon (number 45) this weekend.

Recently, I have been making butternut squash soup in the crock pot.  It is so easy!!! Peel and cube the squash, cut up an onion, throw it in with a can of coconut milk (I use full fat) and your choice of seasonings (you could use thyme, curry or whatever your imagination).  Cook on high for 3-5 hours.  If the squash is tender, you are done.  Puree it in the food processor or blender and tada!!  I think this would be great for Thanksgiving because you could then put it back in the crock pot at warm and serve it to your guests.  Also, since it is not in the oven, you don’t run into the dreaded overcrowded oven issue.

  • I made these Sweet Potato Biscuits from A Cozy Kitchen last weekend with poached eggs and hollandaise.  These biscuits are a lovely orange hue, are soft and tender, and have the wonderful flavor from the sweet potatoes.   A fantastic accompaniment to the Thanksgiving bounty.
  • Are you avoiding dairy or carbs?  Garlic and Herbed Mashed Cauliflower from the Primal Palate is fantastic.  No, it does not have the same flavor as the dairy and butter laden mashed potatoes but I think it is a comforting option.
  • On the Paleo note, the Apple and Pork Sausage Stuffing from Balanced Bites is amazing.   However, this year, I have my sights set on PaleOMG’s Caramelized Onion and Sausage Stuffing.
  • While I have not made this version of a Sweet Potato Casserole,  I trust How Sweet It Is implicitly and it is for sure on my list of must makes!!
  • I did not grow up with the “classic” green bean casserole but I have made recipes that are spin offs, the Pioneer Woman really outdid herself on this one.  It could be a meal in itself!  It is very rich, so plan accordingly.
  • However, if you must go down the green bean casserole route, I would try this one.
  • One spring, I made a turkey and made this Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad from Joy the Baker.  I really liked the flavors and it was a very different way to incorporate Brussels sprouts into a special meal.  Avocado?!
  • If you are more of a traditionalist, you really can’t go wrong with the Cooks Illustrated technique for brussels sprouts.  Have it ready to roll into the oven when that bird comes out!
  • Finally, you can easily make this Bourbon Vanilla Cranberry Sauce from Eat Live Run the weekend before the big day.  Bourbon?  Vanilla?  Sign me up.

Tomorrow?  The best for last.  Dessert.  Stick with me people.



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