High Five For Friday II

I have read that a blogger is not supposed to talk about how they took a hiatus from blogging.  But that feels strange.  The truth is, I was uninspired to post anything.  So I took a break.  Let’s get into it.

We are hunkering down in this crazy blizzard and I have some school work and cooking planned for the weekend.  I am getting weary with the cold weather but snow still makes this southerner a little excited!

Five random things that have me jazzed (yeah, I just said jazzed) this week:

1.Green Smoothies.  This is pretty tired and maybe even late with all the new year’s resolutioners, but with the Super Bowl (I mean Beyonce show bookended by football) on Sunday, I needed some green smoothies in my life.  My “recipe” (throw things into the blender) varies with what I have on hand but my current favorite combination is chia powder, spinach, unsweetened coconut milk, frozen bananas (crucial for creaminess), blueberries, pasturized egg whites and blueberries.


2.  Stitch Fix.  Stitch Fix is a program where you fill out tons of information about your style and your body type and a stylist puts together a box of clothes and accessories in line with what you might like.  I love to shop but sometimes it’s nice to have someone pick things for you.  You get a few days to try things on with your stuff and decide if you like it.  The $20 that goes to your fix is applied to anything you want to keep!*    I signed up and received my first fix last week.  I kept the blouse and scarf (pictured below) and sent back the other items.   Next time I will have them send something a bit more fun, but I would wear this to work (not with jeans) and it’s not too trendy so I can wear it more than one season, so I am happy.  (Please excuse the awkward pose below, fashion blogger I am not!).


3.  Remember Life Touch school pictures?  This week we had school pictures for our yearbook.  That is a nightmare.  No one in law school wants to remember the experience that way.  The lighting is terrifying and the poses are as awkward as you remember (see picture above for awkward camera poses).  Twist your head this way, contort your body that way.  Anyway, I hope to not experience that again in my life.

4.  Breaking Bad.  Sparky and I have been watching this show since the beginning of January and we cannot stop.  I want to throw Walter through a window and find Jesse Pinkman a purpose in life.  We are in season 4 now.  I think you know what we are doing this weekend in the blizzard.  And this little gem brings together my 2 favorite shows:

5.  We have been following this program from Apartment Therapy  for cleaning our apartment and I have noticed that it is much easier to keep up when we do a little bit each day.

Have a great weekend!

*Stitch Fix has no idea who I am and did not pay me to make any statements.


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