Oh My Darling, Clementine – Orange and Dark Chocolate Scones


I’ve always been a brown bag lunch (tote, lunch box, insulated bag, etc.) carrier.  In high school, I prided myself on never even stepping food in the cafeteria (smelling of cleaner, old milk and generally unappetizing).  In my lunch bag, I had an orange peeler, which I needed since I bite bit my nails.


The little pointy part scores the orange to make it easier to peel.  Apparently I was obsessed enough with my little peeler that a few of my friends kidnapped my orange peeler and held it for ransom, note with the cut out magazine letters and all.  I never said I was cool.

I still think about my little orange peeler when I am buying those adorable clementines at the store. The wooden crate gets me every time.  So dang cute.  The $8.99 price tag is not cute.  Nor is it cute when 50% of the fruit is rotten.    However, the non-rotten ones are so amazing: sweet with a hint of tart and summer and so easy to peel, no orange peeler needed.

I wanted to make something special for my sweet clementine and settled on Orange and Dark Chocolate Buttermilk Scones by Joy the Baker.  As any quick bread, they come together in a flash.  They aren’t too sweet and as you munch, you run into great reservoirs of dark chocolate.  Savor with a cuppa coffee or tea with your sweetie.


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