High Five For Friday III

I had an Oscar’s themed post planned for today but life happens and I can’t get off that ride.  Perhaps tomorrow I will post the Oscar themed post (not get off the ride of life).  For today, just 5 random things I’m loving.

  • Ya’ll.  NYC got a country station.  Yes.  Now I may never leave.  I never understood why there wasn’t one, since this is such a large market, there are bound to be a few listeners.  I usually listen to country when I am so stressed that I can make no other decision about much of anything.  You can read more about why it will be successful, here



  • Have you seen this mash up of the Yelling Goats and Oprah?  Life changing.
  • Do youuuuu add extra letters to your words, in texts or g-chats?  I am guilty of it.  Oooooops.  There might be a reason and I’m not talking about the R rated reason either! Okkkkk.

Have a good weekend!!!!


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