February Foodie Penpals

I took a little break from FPP because, well, we had Hurricane Sandy, and in hindsight it was a miracle that I even scheduled the post (since the Hurricane came a day before posting day), but I did and am glad because my penpal that month was awesome.  This month?  I had an amazing penpal too!  I had sweet Sarah from Creating a Great Today and an Even Better Tomorrow and not only did she give me great things to try, they were all completely new to me!


I had heard about Love Grown Oats but never tried for myself, so I was pretty happy to try it.  Delish.  I love granola but not that loaded with HFCS garbage that they try to pass off as “healthy.”  Don’t get me started.  Anyway, Love Grown is a horse of a different color: tons of flavor and crunchy bits, perfect for snacking, and NOT loaded with sugar.  I am a huge fan.  She also included some Shakeology mixes to use in smoothies.   They were loaded with tons of nutrients and protein, had no sugar and I definitely felt a boost in energy after drinking it in my green smoothie!  Another win!  PB2 was something I had never heard of: it is powdered peanutbutter, so it has a ton of the protein with none of the fat.  This has been awesome in smoothies as well!  An additional goodie was the Bragg’s Vinaigrette, which I love their products and this is no different.  I usually make vinaigrettes but it is really nice to have something that is quick to grab.   Finally, Sarah included some herbal teas, which are great in the afternoon when I am trying to avoid coffee.  All in all, awesome stuff! Thanks Sarah!

The Lean Green Bean

If you are interested in joining us, please check out more information and sign up at Lindsay’s blog, the Lean Green Bean.  It’s a great way to meet new people, learn about new foods and get yummy mail!  Happy Thursday!


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