High Five For Friday VI

Phoenix sky
1.  Well, here we are, another Friday, linking with Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday!  Today is unusual because it looks nothing like the above photo.  It is raining in the desert, and it seems, most of the country!  I find rain to be a bit depressing, I am not one of these people that looks forward to it, but since it is a novelty, I will take it!
2.  Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to go to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ to see the Chihuly in the Garden exhibit.  I have seen his work in Seattle, which is displayed inside and outdoors, but I think it is the most beautiful when displayed in gardens, where he works with the space and the naturally occurring plants and landscape.  If you have the chance to see his work, I would encourage you to go!
Chihuly in the Garden – Phoenix, AZ
Chihuly in the Garden – Phoenix, AZ
3.  It has been a banner week, and I even lucked out with a gift of new ballet flats.  My mother in law insisted, so here I am, the proud owner of new Cole Haan “Manhattan” Ballet Flats.  I got black patent leather.  If you are in the market for flats, these are a bit expensive, but Cole Haan has great quality and these are super comfortable!
Cole Haan Manhattan Ballet Flats

4.  Now that we are upon the last weekend before Thanksgiving, I am sure you are planning, shopping, and prepping in anticipation of the big day.  Last year I put together some lists of recipes that I love:

This year, I have my eye on some additional dishes that have peaked my interest:

 5.  Speaking of Thanksgiving, this Buzzfeed gem on “23 Ways to Make Your Pies More Beautiful” found an old woman’s publication, from back when women had to be in the kitchen regardless of their passions.
Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

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