High Five For Friday VII

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png

It’s Friday, its cold in Tucson (50 muhahahaha), and I’m eating steak for lunch.  Let’s get to it.

1.  Christmas!!!  I mean, is there anything else right now?  Are you all set to celebrate?  We are on a pretty lean budget this year so shopping was all set.  I mailed Christmas cards and cookies already.
2.  We went to see Anchorman II last night.  I knew that it had somewhat mixed reviews, but I could not pass up a chance to see my favorite, Kirstin Wiig.  If you approach the movie as plotless and just entertainment, you will be just fine.  There are so many great cameos in one scene, which almost made it completely worth it in itself!


3.  We found an amazing new (to us) taco place and we have already been twice in a week.  Oops.  If you are a southwest local, check out El Taco Tote.  They have a very extensive salsa and toppings bar with lots of little delights: radishes, cucumbers, cabbage, cilantro, pickled onions (!!!),  and  raw onions.  Plus every meal comes with a drink and they have the super fancy coke machine that has 100s (I have no idea how many, total exaggeration probs) of choices so I can have my beloved seltzer!

4.  With 2014 fast approaching, the compilations, lists and summaries of the year are popping up everywhere.  Google did a very nice job.

5.  I love the Muppets and they want to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to take a breath, enjoy a cuppa and break with the ones you love.


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