Summer Party Eats

Summer Party Eats
Summer Party Eats

Even though it is already October and I’m supposed to be Basic B*&^%ing it up with #PSLforLife, I’m still thinking about summer eats.  This Tucson “cold spell” with a high of 90 degrees isn’t exactly parka weather.

I was in a weird cooking rut all summer.  I realized part of the reason for the rut was that I was relying on too many tried and true recipes and it was making me bored.  Part of my creative outlet in the kitchen is trying new techniques, ingredients, and recipes.  It helps when I get some wins.  I’m all about less effort and maximum impact but on the other hand, happy to put in the work to yield an excellent result.  Long story short, I have tried some of the things on my long “to make” list and it was worth it, I’m much more excited about getting into the kitchen.  Also, making my husband fire up the grill more regularly definitely takes some pressure off me.

A few weeks ago, we had some lovely friends over and I wanted to make a cocktail.  I had suspicions that my friend may be pregnant, so I was sure to have it in alcohol free components.  Using this tequila watermelon cocktail recipe as a guide, I made a watermelon juice (easy- cut up watermelon, run in the food processor, strain), added lime juice, and simple syrup on the side.  WITH TEQUILA, Of course!!!  We had this salsa on the side, which I make a lot.  It is so easy, inexpensive, and more delicious than most store options.  To start off, we had the pioneer woman’s 7 layer dip.  There are tons of variations on this, and I don’t include black olives because yuck (in this context).

I was feeling wild, so I made chocolate cake.  This is my favorite chocolate bundt.  It has all my requirements for a yummy homemade cake: buttermilk, oil (butter dries it out), and cocoa powder.  It’s remarkably easy for being quite a show stopper of a dessert.  We had other things, but I’m not sure how I feel about the meat dish.  It was ok, not the best.


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