Chocolate Krantz Cake


I was turned onto this bread about a year ago when I read this post.  The gorgeous photos alone were enough to intrigue me and the description sounded lovely.  I actually endeavored to make this yeasted cake last Christmas, but in the mix of too much going on, I didn’t have the time to devote and it was abandoned.  Then, my lovely mother in law gave me a copy of Jerusalem (I may have hinted strongly).  Oh what a book it has been.  I have been cooking out of it for the past 2 years and still don’t think I have scratched the surface.  If you enjoy cooking and trying new flavors, please give it a whirl.  It is the best.

Onto this cake (bread). I didn’t grow up eating Chocolate Babka, but this is what that is.  Think, giant cinnamon roll in loaf form with chocolate instead of cinnamon.  To make this into french toast would really take it over the top.  The instructions on the post that I linked above are perfect, so go there and follow along. It’s more time consuming than difficult, and a lot of the time is resting time.

One note, this doesn’t travel super well.  It’s a pretty delicate bread, so I would keep it local for savoring.  This is a perfect bread to make for special people in your life for Christmas or any other holiday.


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