Pumpkin Duffins 

(Not my photo)

“What is a duffin,” you say?  Why, it is a doughnut-muffin combo.  Not a combo, like the cheese substance filled pretzel snack, but like mash up, similar to the cronut.  I used to live near a bakery that made duffins regularly and I loved that bakery.  They had delicious things and really cute windows.  It was quintessential small walking town with a train.  

Go here for the recipe, because I did nothing to make it my own, other than change the name and used heavy cream instead of milk.  Because, use what you have.  Anyway, these are a delight since they have pumpkin and are rolled in melted butter and cinnamon sugar.  

Dessert for Two is generally a delight because if I make a whole cake, I will eat it in its entirety and that is not a thing that should happen with regularity.  I’m trying to make more small batches because I miss baking but I don’t need all that stuff at home.  Also, I am baking more things to take to work because I love my coworkers. 


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