Cooking With Love

 Love.  It’s the driving force why we really do anything.  Love for God, ourselves, and the ones we hold near and dear.  The reason I don’t cook for a living is because I love it and one of my favorite parts of cooking is blessing others with my cooking.  For me, doing that for money would take some of that joy away from it.   A roast chicken can cheer you up after a long, cold day.  A fancy cake can serve as a significant part of a celebration.  A taco bar can tell you that it’s time to relax after a busy week.  And all of those events are infused with love.  It makes all the difference!
I think about this when I’m not motivated to cook.  I try to slow down and focus on the moment.  Maybe it’s the weight of the knife in my hand, or the cold water running over the vegetables.   All of these small moments are amazing and come together to make a meal that nourishes!

I hope your weekend is filled with love!


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