Prepping for a busy week: tasty leftovers

Whenever I go out of town, I forget that my sweet husband once took care of himself and is able to feed himself.  As a result, I make lots of plans to make it easy for him.  I want to make sure he has food that is convenient and that he eats nutritiously in my absence.  Plus, I don’t like to think that he is all alone and subsisting on beef jerky and gummy bears.

I usually go grocery shopping on Friday night and this past Friday, I got extra food to make extra meals here and there so my sweetie would have more leftovers on which to nosh.   This week, I made Turkey Marinara Sauce With Spaghetti Squash and Turkey Stuffed Sweet Potatoes.  Since the spaghetti squash and the sweet potatoes had to bake, I stuck them both in the oven at once.  Currently, the sweet potatoes are waiting to be stuffed, but that can happen just before eating.  Add some green salads and he will be in good shape for the week!  


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