Chicky chicky parm parm

I grew up with some variation on chicken parmigiana as a family favorite meal.  However, it was called, “chicken cutlet.”  Why? I have no idea.  Take chicken breasts, beat a few eggs in a shallow bowl, put seasoned breadcrumbs on wax paper, and dip chicken breast in the egg, and then the breadcrumbs.  Pan fry the chicken and serve on noodles with marinara sauce.  This was when I became obsessed with marinara.  Marinara with big chunks of tomatoes was my preference.  But, I digress.  Because this was missing large chunks of cheese, I didn’t know that it was almost chicken parmigiana!  

Anyway, early in our marriage, I wanted to make chicken parmigiana and used this recipe from Tyler Florence.  I like it because he adds fresh basil and olives to the sauce.  I’ve been making this crock pot marinara which is great too. Finally, this week, I made a grain free version of chicken parmigiana and served it over spaghetti squash.  I know, it’s blasphemy and I don’t regret it one bit!  I loosely followed the recipe for the breading and it worked well.  Working with grain free ingredients is always an experiment for me since they don’t behave like regular flour.  I didn’t love that the cutlets didn’t get a nice golden color when cooked, but the crust was nice.  Also, let’s face it, when slathered with cheese and marinara, the color is less of a factor.  My husband was in heaven, especially since I made him wait 20 minutes so we could melt the cheese and he was a little hangry.  


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